Back to my roots

Once I decided to quit my regular job to pursue henna art full time I had travel in mind for my new lifestyle.  When I imagined where I would go first I saw myself in the vast green landscape of Ireland. I saved up my festival money and bought a one way ticket to Ireland.  Not only did I want to see the nature there for myself but I wanted to connect with family that is scattered about the island.  It was surprisingly easy to find my family as Ireland is so small! I connected with relatives, hiked, and saw things I have never seen before! I met up with an successful artist cousin who hosted me a few days and was able to learn a bit from him and try cutting crystal in his studio.  His work is in the national Museum in Dublin and I am extremely inspired by his work.  Check out Fred Curtis online!  I also got to see the farm my great grandfather worked on and meet all the cows! I am a city girl so it was the best thing ever for me to shovel gallons of shit while the farmers looked on dying of laughter.  After Ireland I went on to Scotland and absolutely fell in love with the old city of Edinburgh! Highland culture is also still alive there and I loved the rugged landscape.  Now that I have accomplished one of my goals of traveling on my own it has sparked a passion for discovering more of the world.  I plan on saving more and seeing what else the world has to offer me.  I need to develop more of a plan so that Im less stressed out about finance and more able to enjoy myself.  I learned so much about myself and others along the way.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to travel and hope that people will continue to enable my chosen lifestyle (for now) by supporting my art!