I am currently going through a transitional period where I am stepping back to take stock of what I need to do to be the person I want to be! I'm excited to say I recently quit my part-time job to do henna full-time.  OH BOY! :) Henna is my passion so it feels great to follow my interest...  But big changes like these don't happen easily without doubts, growing pains and fears.  I'm scared I wont be able to support myself, scared my passion could turn sour with the pressure of making an income off of it, scared I'm not even good enough at times or wont be able to handle the pressure of relying on JUST me.  Its so comfortable to be able to clock in & check out in your mind to make your money and go home. SCREW THAT! Despite normal doubts and fears I'm also freakin' excited!  I want to get better, want to share my talent with more people,want to travel, want to enjoy the freedom of setting my own schedule and being my own boss, even if its for a little while.  I want to bring my lil dog Smee everywhere with me and I want to cook! I have a million things to do!

So I'm taking a short time away from social media to re-focus on my goals and be present.  Social media can be an amazing tool that I love but it can have its caveats.  I love using it to interact with others and get inspired but it can also distract me or cloud my vision.  It gets draining and can weigh me down if I compare myself to others or am constantly checking it to reply or see if I have likes or new followers.. How about liking me in person or following me in person? WAIT! Please don't follow me in person. Its all point is what I need is to be present in the real world for a sec, living every moment, not worrying about that shit for now.  Nothing like waking up in the morning and scrolling through... NOTHING.  Maybe I will start writing to inmates again! Maybe I will use that bath bomb I have had sitting in my bathroom closet for forever! The options are endless!  But forreal.. I will probably be furiously dusting off my crystals, journalling, practicing my spanish, walking my dogs, day drinking with my dogs jk (not jk), talking to said dogs, hiking, networking and working on all things HENNA!

I am devoting 2 hours a day toward practice & honing my craft.  Thats not including private appointments and events.  I use practice hands and sketch pads but please email me if you can model henna for my portfolio! I'm currently looking for diverse ranges of models open to body jewelry themed lingerie henna or Mamas to be to model belly blessings.  Or any males to model some MENNA!  I do realize a big part of being a self employed artist is promoting yourself.. So I will still be doing that as much as possible in person and through other channels for now! Don't worry, I will be back soon!! I have too many Instaspammer friends that I'm sure will be missing my weird stories.. I'm also planning a road trip to Miami to see my family and friends soon so get excited to see that go down in the coming month! I was going to be in Miami for Art Basel but don't know if I will make it there in time. WELLL thats all folks, FOR NOW!

Email MOONCHILDMEHNDI@GMAIL.COM if you need me or care to comment/respond/encourage/inquire. I think you can comment here but this is my FIRST blog post! What do I know? AHHHHH :)

PEACE LOVE AND MASHED POTATOES, XOXO Moonchild Mehndi aka Mishelle 

Pictured below: "Trust the Universe" Some henna medicine for myself.