I am an all-natural henna artist in Austin, Texas.  I fell in love with the ancient art of henna over 5 years ago and am passionate about sharing it with everyone.  Henna has history all over the globe including Arabia, South Asia, Carthage, Europe and North Africa.  I love nature and use this plant based dye (henna aka Lawsonia inermis) to create unique adornment to wear for 1-3 weeks.  I use paste I mix myself containing quality essential oils, and organic Body Art Quality henna powders.  

Available for:

  • Private appointments
  • Promotional work
  • Art Gallery events
  • Festivals
  • Public & Private Parties
  • Markets
  • Belly Blessings
  • Henna Crowns
  • Birthday Parties
  • Corporate Events

Contact Mishellewade@yahoo.com to schedule  

text only: 305.609.6968

I require an hour deposit in advance to book all events.

Rates vary by service offered + travel time. Based in NW Austin

Connect with me on Instagram @moonchildmehndi

Never use black henna! I now offer Jagua as an alternative colored stain (navy blue to black/gray.)  Jagua is a natural dye from a fruit, Genipa americana.  At this time I do not offer "white henna." ("white henna" is topical adornment and does not stain the skin.. Much like body paint. It is NOT henna but is referred to as "white Henna" because people use it to do the same types of designs that are typically done in henna.)